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About Ashiatsu Philosophy

Ashiatsu presumes that the natural tendency of all organisms is towards health and optimal functioning for the purpose of evolution.  Therefore, the mind/body/spirit need only be reminded of its original essence and intention in order to be re-connected to the intrinsic foundation of wellness out of which one manifests their being's purpose.  Where there is discord between the mind, body, and spirit, Ashiatsu seeks to bring integration and harmony.  In Ashiatsu, the practitioner employs the whole body (including the feet) to promote “wholism” in another person.  As Shizuko Yamamoto is fond of saying about the work, "Wholism creates wholism."

About Edward Spencer

Edward majored in psychology and has graduate credits in clinical psychology. He has been a practitioner of Ashiatsu for 29 years and an instructor in the Bay Area for  25 years. Past major influences on his work include Master Y.C. Chiang for Tai Chi, Loren Berry for structural work, and the Lomi School for body-oriented psychology. Recent influences include 10 years in personal therapy,  15 years of psychic work with Phyllis Pay, and 10 years facilitating men's groups through the Center for Intuitive Energy Processing.

 Edward Spencer

About Studying Ashiatsu

Edward offers classes in basic through advanced Ashiatsu several times a year through the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California.  For more information, please contact them or visit their website. For serious students interested in delving more deeply into the art, he also offers a ten-month apprenticeship program. Upon completion, apprentices receive certification to teach Ashiatsu. For more information, please contact Edward Spencer.

About The Work
Edward combines excellence in technique with the most impressive, uncanny intuition in diagnosis and life guidance. This combination has served me in my healing and self-development as much as anything I have done for myself over two decades of natural health study and practice. He is an extraordinary healer.
    -Michelle Nemer -  Macrobiotic Teacher, Health Counselor, Author
     El Cerrito, CA

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